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India’s Largest Beautiful Dancing Musical Fountain

From the day of its launch Musical Fountains have been highly in demand specially in India, it is well reckoned as fountain of pleasure with added enjoyment, it has been newly installed in Gujarat science city, which can be considered as an exciting demonstration of certain important phenomena of science and technology in the areas of hydrostatics, electromagnetism, hydrodynamics and digital electronics. If you remember that basic physics law based upon Pascal’s and Bernoulli’s principles, then you will definitely know the reason behind the sprouts of water emanating from fountain heads.

The Musical Dancing Fountain has been promised to be a major crowd puller in Ahmadabad as well as other parts of India. The fountain provides an experience of the magical world of light, sound and water, where you can experience the best ever mixture of technology and fantasy. With the help of this fountain light sound and water have been experienced in harmony, the musical dancing fountain installed in science city provides the most beautiful night time entertainment.

Technology and Water in Harmony!!!

The Musical Dancing Fountain carries the best fusion of technology and science, the electromagnetic solenoid valves receive synchronizing pulses from the audio system and that audio system controls the water jet. The music is digitized and the pulses are fed to the solenoid valves through computerized programs controller. In some traditional musical fountains, the flow of the water is controlled by the varying amplitude and frequency of the audio signal, thus making the musical fountain dance with the vigor and tune. This adds one more beautiful example of human creativity in the context.

The water effects move or dance with music and interpret each tune in synchronization with light and sound whether fast or slow. The fountain installed at science city Gujarat is spread over an area of 9000 sq. m. in hexagonal grid pattern, the musical fountain installed here in Gujarat claims to be the Asia’s largest fountain. The pool of the fountain covers a rectangular area of 1300 square meters, it employs 113 jets, 935 underwater color lights, 4 submersible heavy duty pumps, 2073 sets of hydraulic nozzles with 273 effects. The lotus water volume in the center can be experienced as high as 30 meters. It has more than 20 kinds of water styles including floating fountain, seagulls, chasing waves, peacocks, swinging, and flower baskets.

The programming of Musical Dancing Fountain has been designed in a way that it can be completely controlled by a computer software programs IN Command, which has been specifically written for this purpose. Once the pumps and the equipment’s are ready to work, the operation will completely be controlled by a single mainframe computer.


The Musical Dancing Fountain is one of the India’s largest and biggest dancing musical fountain, the confluence of light, sound and water in motion provides the mesmerizing view, considering it one of the most important parts of the science city, Gujarat. The fountain has all the required capability to draw attention of worldwide visitors to the city.

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