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Water Fountain Care and Maintenance

Please have a look and perform the steps listed below to care and maintain your fountain and stay away from random crashes, resulting heavy loss of money and time in replacement.

Step 1 – Keep your Fountain Clean

Keeping your fountain clean is ethically important as maintaining the proper water level, guide your servant to take care of fountain on regular basis, by telling him to clean it up alternate days with the help of some special tools. Wipe the inner bowl of the fountain with non-abrasive cloth, which will keep the fountain shiny as well as beautiful, and will also prevent the fountain motor to pass on the dirt particle and dust with water, this process if done in the best possible way on alternate days basis will help you to increase fountain equipments' life.

Step 2 – Refill Fountain's Pump

Refilling pump with the company provided liquid should be the foremost important part of the maintenance, check your fountain's pump on monthly basis, before refilling the pump you should remove it, for the removal of the pump you can consult the user manual provided by the fountain manufacturer, and just after detachment of the fountain pump place it in a solution of vinegar for an easy clean solution, this process will help maintain that water creativity provided by the pump as well as will also increase its life.

Step 3 – Prevent the Growth of Algae

The green color spot on your fountain bowl, or you must have also experienced your pump set too changing the color from its normal appearance to green, this is all because of the stability of water for a long period of time, it usually generates bacteria named algae which is harmful for health as well as it looks wired when you experience your fountains actual color turning into green, so try to avoid it by applying algae cleaner on monthly basis, cleaners are easily available in the market or you can also contact to the personals you have dealt with for the application of fountain in your garden or lawn they will provide you.

Step 4 – Maintenance According to Season

People who owe a house on the place where they experience harsh winters or may be snow fall, this step is specially for them, all because if your fountain has been fixed in garden or lawn you should be aware that in winter season when its impossible for the fountain to bare that cool breezy environment, and when it has been surrounded with marble, then for sure there is a risk of crack, so to avoid this issue you can stop your fountain until winter ends, clean it with non-abrasive cloth and place a fountain cover over the fountain, which would work as a protective shield for the fountain itself.

These are some easy to follow steps for the regular care and maintenance of your water fountains which will increase the modernity with added beautification of your place, try them for superior experience.

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